June 24, 2024

Quinceanera parties are very special milestones in your girl’s life and mark the special moment when she steps into womanhood. That’s why these parties need to be grand with all the bells and whistles. However, a grand party doesn’t need to be at the expense of the planet.

There are several ways to throw a sustainable and eco-friendly Quince and it starts from choosing an affordable Quinceanera venue near me. When you choose a venue near you, you’ll end up wasting less fuel on travel and lower your carbon emissions at the same time.

Ways to make your Quince stylish and grand without hurting the planet:

Go Paperless

The first step to a sustainable and eco-friendly Quince starts with e-invites. Yes, paper invites can look amazing with complex foldable mechanisms. However, they waste the planet’s resources. From the ink to the paper, every component that goes into paper invites hack away at non-renewable resources or pollute the environment.

Instead, you can invite your guests to your selected Quinceanera hall in Houston TX with a fancy e-invite. This can be in the form of an elaborate video sent over the mail or a link that opens a custom Quince invite website. You can also create custom links that change the invitee names on the website depending on the relevant people. There are several free tools available online to make these changes.  

Don’t Opt for Disposable Tableware  

Plastic plates and utensils are cheap and readily available everywhere. However, they are terrible for the planet, and buying them incentivizes the production of plastic waste while increasing the burning of fossil fuels. Moreover, they aren’t the right choice for a stylish and elegant Quince.

Instead, you’re better off with regular tableware that’s reserved for such celebrations. When you reserve halls for Quinceanera, they usually have packages that include catering and decor. They have their tableware for your special occasion and would make it look as stylish as possible. Otherwise, you can use eco-friendly bamboo plates and utensils that don’t end up burning in a landfill or disposed of into the sea.

Choose Sustainable Flower Options

Be it a wedding or a Quince, these celebratory events are incomplete without fancy flower arrangements. However, there’s no need to order flowers from several states away. Choose local blooms grown at local gardens and combine natural perennials of the region to lower your carbon footprint as much as possible.

Native flowers don’t need fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful substances that pollute the land while growing them. They also add a unique touch to the event. You also have the option of choosing recycled flowers for the event at a private party venue in Houston TX. These flowers are made from recycled paper, leftover fabrics like silk, pine cones, and more such materials. They mimic the look of real flowers without the environmental damage.

Choose an Eco-Friendly and Unique Commute

When your princess makes an entry to the venue, all eyes should be on her. She should be the center of attention and one way of making that happen is to hire a unique transportation. An image of a limousine rolling over in front of the red carpet and spotlights shining on your girl as she gets out of the vehicle probably popped up in your mind.

However, limos are gas guzzlers and very cliche. Instead, choose a unique option like your girl arriving on a horse-drawn carriage or just walking in style with a crew holding candles on either side or something else that matches the Quinceanera theme. Yes, these options are a bit more expensive. However, you can make room when you choose a Quince hall with affordable Quinceanera venue prices.   

Go Organic With the Catering

Food grown by industrial agriculture is often lower in nutritional value. Moreover, industrial farming isn’t great for the planet either. Go organic with the catering to provide your guests with amazing dishes with naturally grown ingredients that are great on the palate. Moreover, organic food is trending and your guests would love the extra acre.  

When you adopt these tips, throwing a vogue Quince won’t be an issue while saving the planet at the same time. You can also go one step further and ask your guests not to bring any gifts or choose eco-friendly options for the event.

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