July 17, 2024
Tassel Loafers

Footwear fashion, like everything else, is evolving with new styles and old classics coming back in trend. The footwear industry is going through a transformational change with the amalgamation of traditional and contemporary styles. With traditional designs getting elegantly reinvented while maintaining their true beauty and modern ones being introduced on fashion runways, this is the best time to amp up and show off unique style. With the perfect pair of shoes, you’ll be the centre of all attention.

One of our favourites and most popular Italian shoes this season are the tassel loafers. A sleek and dapper substitute to Penny, Tassels present knotted or fabric laces that suspend from the top part of the shoes. These laces are quite functional in the lacing system. Although, they are usually attached to beautify the shoes and act as an ornament.

These loafers are free from the hassle of tying laces. They are effortless and comfortable to wear and come in various designs and styles. These shoes are one of a kind and are a must in every man’s wardrobe. Finding the perfect pair to suit your personality and styling them can be tricky and, this is where we come into the picture. In the ultimate guide, you’ll uncover the trendiest pair to have in your collection as well as know more about their history and ways to wear them. Let’s begin!

Quick Facts:

  • The Tassels were invented by the Americans and were popularised in the mid-1950s.
  • Although they have found their way back to this generation, they were known as high-hat lawyer’s footwear.
  • This footwear can be worn for both casual and formal occasions with a little variation in style.

An Insight Into Tassel Loafers:

What sets these loafers apart from others is the distinctive tassel placed at the vamp. These shoes can be crafted in an original loafer build, a slip-on style or in a moccasin style. Offered with broguing, kiltie flaps, and other beautifications these loafers are universally accessible at different price points, designs, and materials.

A Brief History:

They were introduced in the market after the Second World War by the Americans. Originally the loafers were two-toned. The vamps were traditionally white and the rest were of a different colour in the early 1950s. Brook Brothers were responsible for launching these shoes across their storefronts after a few years, establishing the tassel loafers as a conventional and country shoe.

They were also subject to politicization in the early 1990s. As these shoes were initially associated with the rich and elite class, political opponents often found ways to insult each other with the type of clothing and footwear their opponents wore. However, today the situation has changed where people of all classes wear tassel loafers without any hesitation and have gained immense popularity from people across all professions and personalities.

The Trendiest Pair to Buy From Online Italian Shoes:

  • Woven Leather in Black:This pair of shoes is nothing but a clever long-term investment. Their unique hand-made design and texture create a classy rich look with the polished black colour. These shoes can be your shoe partner on all special occasions.
  • Brown Leather:We all need that one pair with can be styled with every outfit. These brown ones are a timeless classic and must be a part of every man’s collection. From casual business meetings to evening outings, this pair will never disappoint you.
  • Tassels in Dark Green:These unique and exotic pair will be your perfect partner to try something trendy and out of the box. With this pair, you can stand out in any event and make a long-lasting impression with people asking where you got those stunning shoes. Dark green is a great colour to be worn with smart casual outfits.
  • Two-Toned:These exceptionally beautiful and elegant shoes are handcrafted and hand-painted to give you a mesmerizing appeal. These can catch the eye of an admirer from a mile away. A two-toned pair of loafers offer a lot of range in styling your outfit.

Now that you have full insight into how tassels work, make sure you make them a part of your collection. Online Italian Shoes is the ultimate fashion destination for all things classy and comfortable. Get your hands on our exclusive collection of elegant shoes handcrafted with our finest leather. Our luxury shoes are one of a kind! Take your fashion game to the next level with our flawlessly handcrafted loafers. Shopping will always be exciting and fun with Online Italian Shoes.

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