June 24, 2024
Residential Design

Are you planning to build a home from scratch? Staying up-to-date with residential design ideas and looking at houses featuring the top trends is what matters the most. With time, people are trying to move away from age-old designs and choosing personalised spaces. The urge of most people is to create homes that reveal their identity.

So, if you are still away from exploring the latest trends when investing in new housing developments in Kelowna, here are 10 designs that are going to make an impact on your new home.

1. Creating Multifunctional Spaces

A growing interest in multifunctional spaces has been on the rise and so are multigenerational homes. More and more people are looking forward to investing in homes that cater to everyone’s needs. When adding features to a multifunctional home, consider the requirements of each one in the family and pick elements that may serve the needs of more than one person. For instance, a play area for children may also serve as a space where adults can relax freely.

2. Open Space Layouts

Recent years have witnessed a rush for open spaces more than traditional design concepts. Do you know the reason? Homeowners today prefer spaces where families can interact freely with their loved ones or entertain guests more flexibly. One of the major achievements of having open layout spaces is connectivity and you should naturally feel attracted to this rewarding idea. Open spaces blended with minimalist designs are escalating in popularity in Kelowna housing developments and redefining living forever.

3. Bringing Outside in and Inside Out

A strong desire to bring outside elements in and the inside elements out is prompted by changing lifestyles after the global pandemic. More and more people want greenery inside their houses and are using plants to personalise their living spaces. Do you want to count yourself in? Apart from bringing nature inside, people prefer designing extended living spaces. For instance, the deck and patio areas are getting revamped as small areas with seating arrangements and an outdoor kitchen serving as a hub of entertainment during the summer.

4. Adding Creativity to Storage Ideas

There is no denying that despite the best efforts, nearly every home design overlooks the storage options. If you do not want to fumble for things, but need to make the home look truly decorative when building a custom home, designing hidden storage spaces is one of the best options. Make sure the storage spaces you create inside the house support the aesthetic attributes of your home.

5. Aiming for a Cleaner Environment

Residential architecture is greatly influenced by environmental concerns. So, the main points of interest would be to support the quality of indoor air and stay away from chemicals or harmful materials. Residential structures built today are averse to using materials that may affect health.

6. Eco-Friendly Designs

Leaving behind all the other options that are currently doing the rounds in residential homes, the ones that homeowners cannot simply ignore are sustainable designs. The reason for this inclination is the growing concerns about the environment on the one hand and cost-effectiveness on the other hand. Efficiency in home design is topping the charts allowing homeowners to save massively on utility costs.

7. Rise of Self-Contained Spaces in Custom Homes

You are aware that custom designs depend on clients’ preferences and a rise in self-contained spaces inside custom-built homes is making a comeback. For one thing, self-contained segments are not space-poor and provide one or a couple of members in the house complete independence within a defined area. Such spaces are usually located away from the open layout space that is not shared by others.

8. Using Stone Veneer in the Exterior

There is no denying that people look forward to cost-saving options when building custom homes. But for those who are inclined to personalise the exterior of homes and wish to create a luxury feel, using stone veneer is the best option. If you need assistance with more custom variations for designing the exteriors, you can speak to the experts at Bellamy Homes. They have been in the home building industry for a long and creating dream designs to take control of the homes they build.

9. Biophilic Design

If you are yet to enhance the outdoor spaces, you must not miss checking the principles of biophilic designs. In homes with such designs, the environment is made calm with the domination of natural materials and natural lighting.

The requirements of homebuyers are changing faster. That is why people need to become familiar with the trends to know which elements to incorporate in residential homes before investing in new developments in Kelowna amid natural surroundings.

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