June 24, 2024

Veneers treatment was restricted to celebrities and movie icons for years together. Only in the recent times this amazing cosmetic dentistry solution has become incredibly popular among ordinary people. It is relevant to mention in this context that it is exceptionally popular in the UK. A survey carried out recently says 76 out of every 100 adult Brits (above 18 years) want to change something about the way their teeth appear. This shows how commercially prospective this dentistry procedure is in the contemporary UK.

veneers treatment

Who are ideal for veneers treatment?

Veneers made from porcelain are more or less suitable for every adult tooth. These are easy to fit and prove effective in sorting out a number of dental issues including the following –

  • Teeth which are badly discoloured or stained
  • Teeth which are cracked and chipped
  • Cover up gaps between the teeth
  • Malocclusion or misalignment of the teeth ranging from minor to major
  • Dental implants for your lost or missing teeth

More about veneers

Thanks to the veneers treatment it is not only possible but also easy altering the shape, size, colour, texture and the overall appearance of your teeth. it can give your teeth a complete customised appearance. Made from ceramic shells a veneer is as thin as a wafer and each of these shells is individually designed to cater to your specific smile. Veneers treatment allows enhancing the appearance of a single tooth as well as gives you a complete smile makeover. An experienced dentist based in London who deals with emax veneers over the years says there are various options with veneers treatment including smile that looks natural, dramatic smile, smile as white as snow, film star styled smile and much more to choose from.

Porcelain veneers provide natural appearance of the tooth and are easily long-lasting. Moreover the procedure requires minimal preparation and considering all these factors it is preferred more by patients over other options.  Unlike dentures, you can keep wearing veneers in your mouth constantly. In fact veneers are not removable and they work the same way as your natural teeth. Usually veneers easily last anywhere between 10 and 15 years although natural wear and tear will keep occurring all this time much like your natural teeth. in order to avoid unnecessary damage to your veneers you should be a little careful about what you are eating.

Food items that you should avoid

These following food items often prove damaging for your veneered teeth. You should avoid these items for obvious reasons.

  • Biting on ice, candies, celeries, certain kinds of nut which are exceptionally hard – your veneers can easily break as you try to bite on any of these hard food items
  • Alcohol – it makes your teeth lose their shine fast
  • Toffee and sticky food items – you can have these items as sparingly as possible
  • Popular and dark coloured beverages like coffee, red wine and others – this kind of drinks can easily stain your teeth

How to care for your veneered tooth

Here are few tried and tested tips on how you should care for your veneered tooth so that it smoothly lasts longer.

  • Maintain optimum oral hygiene – Properly brush and floss the teeth every day. Brush the teeth twice daily while floss once. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and any fluoride toothpaste. Preferably you should floss at night before going to bed.
  • Make use of an antibacterial mouthwash to reach out to the places in your mouth that are difficult to access with a toothbrush.
  • It is important to limit your sugary and syrupy foods and drinks.
  • In addition to the tips mentioned above, a dentist who deals with emax veneers in the UKsuggests you must go for regular dental checkups.

Veneers treatment and the pros it offers

There are lots of advantages that this treatment offers, some of which include the following.

  • Veneers can do wonders to your smile almost instantly without any turnaround time. it definitely makes your teeth appear whiter and more even and thus making your smile more attractive while making you look younger.
  • It provides your teeth a natural and realistic finish and thus after the veneers treatment it is literally impossible to distinguish between your natural and veneered teeth.
  • Cosmetic or aesthetic results that veneers treatment provides, easily last for years together. If you can take little care of your veneered tooth it can easily last for 10 years and more before the tooth requires a top up.      
  • Cosmetic enhancement to the teeth in form of veneers solution is not only strong and durable but also resistant to stains.

Veneers treatment and its cons

Apart from the advantages, dental veneers also offer certain disadvantages which include the following.

  • It affects the natural structure of the teeth. in order to prepare your tooth for this cosmetic dentistry solution, a portion of the outermost covering of the tooth or tooth enamel has to be filed down. This is an irreversible damage and cannot be compensated by any means. This also means the natural structure of the tooth is permanently altered.
  • A dentist who provides emax veneers at reasonable cost in the UKpoints out in certain cases patients may also experience sensitivity in the tooth after veneers are fitted. This does not happen to every case involving veneers but in some cases the unwanted side effect of sensitivity in the tooth may appear.
  • Porcelain veneers in particular are prone to get broken or damaged under strong impact. Therefore you must stay away from hard food items to keep your veneers safe. Teeth grinding or bruxism is another concern for veneered tooth or teeth. If your veneers break or undergo damage you have to get it repaired or replaced.
How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of veneers is never uniform and it varies from case to case depending on several factors. The most important factor that determines the treatment cost is the individual requirements of a patient. For example how many veneers you require and the material you prefer and such other factors. It is relevant to mention that composite veneers usually cost less compared to porcelain veneers.  All these variables will get cleared out only during the initial consultation. Your dentist will examine your teeth along with the overall mouth and explain your treatment options along with the associated costs. If you have any query then that will also be addressed during the initial consultation so that you can take an informed decision whether or not to go for the veneers treatment.

A busy dentist who quotes reasonable price for emax veneers in the UK says a large number of oral health practices offer easy finance options for this particular cosmetic dentistry treatment. The total price is spread across easy monthly instalments with 0% interest. This makes the treatment more easily accessible to a large number of patients. For the best price, care and treatment you can directly call Bayswater Dental Clinic Now!

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