June 24, 2024

As composite bonding is slowly but steadily becoming more and more popular with time, queries on this procedure are flowing in from all sides and in ever increasing numbers. The term itself is not much self explanatory at all. So it is important to have a brief discussion about it so that you can take an informed decision as and when required.

Composite bonding

Composite bonding treatment – a brief introduction

Dental composite bonding treatment is all about adding a fine aesthetic white filling to one or several of your teeth. The prime objective of this procedure is to hide the flaws of your tooth or teeth and make those appear nicer. Here are a few examples where composite bonding treatment can be effective and helpful. Suppose you have a chip on the edge of one of the teeth, there are distinct gaps between the teeth which surface more abruptly whenever you smile or one of your teeth is badly worn down – in each of the cases mentioned above composite bonding London cheap can be a fast, uncomplicated and reliable saviour.  

One of the best things about the procedure is in the overwhelming majority of cases there is no need to scrape away your healthy tooth structure to make room for this bonding material. However, in certain cases thick enamel or a sharp edge of a damaged tooth may have to be removed before your teeth bonding cost London treatment but this enamel loss is literally marginal and will not make any difference.

This treatment unlike many others is easily reversible! So, if you want you can reverse this treatment whenever you want, assure dentist working at the renowned 1A Orthodontics in London. There was a time in dentistry, not long ago, when “extreme makeover” was a common approach; it relied on dental crowns and veneers made from porcelain. Porcelain crowns and veneers definitely look appealing and these can make your smile appear perfect and natural but on the downside these procedures require scraping away a considerable amount of your healthy tooth structure in form of enamel. This scarping away of enamel structure is unavoidable to make room for the crown or veneer. This is an irreversible damage for your healthy tooth structure more than anything else. The enamel coating of the tooth is actually a protective layer that safeguards the inner dentin layer and the innermost pulp chamber of a tooth from any external injury or damage.

Dentists who quote some of the best costs for composite bonding in London assure the bonding procedure unlike crowns and veneers poses no risk for your underlying tooth structure. On the flip side a composite bonded tooth can suffer discolouration or staining and can also get chipped. But those are no serious at all as an existing composite bonding can be easily replaced with a fresh one without any fuss.

About the procedure

The treatment procedure is performed in a number of steps which are as following –

  • First your tooth is properly washed using an acid etch; it contains 30% phosphoric acid and the cleaning procedure takes about 20 to 30 seconds. This is a crucial step to the procedure as it enhances the bonding to your tooth.
  • Then a bonding resin is placed over the tooth and an UV (or ultraviolet) light is sued to activate it faster although these days dentists all over the world make use of a LED light which generates much less heat and the UK is no exception.
  • In the next move your dentist layers the white filling material carefully over the tooth and then it is exposed to the light. A sound margin of the tooth is chiselled out and for that dentists have to rely on a number of tools including cords, wedges, clear strips and others.
  • Once the tooth gets built up it is brought to a proportionate size and shape to match with the other remaining ones in the mouth. Then it is polished several times and this requires lots of water.
  • Before the final polish is done, its bite is checked and the procedure finally comes to an end.  

This overall process is actually quite simple and uncomplicated compared to many other dentistry procedures.

Filling up gaps between the teeth

Filling up gaps between the teeth is also quite similar matter although this procedure requires filling up gaps and not enhance the appearance of a tooth or teeth on the whole. Composite bonding material is directly applied to the tooth or teeth and this is how the gaps are filled up in a convenient way. However you will get to see how the bonding will look on your teeth before final placement is done over your tooth or teeth. This procedure yields unbelievable results provided the natural proportions of the teeth are left unaltered. A dentist with years of experience in offering composite bonding treatment in London points out when a single tooth is widened disproportionately in this procedure, the results turn miserable though.  

Cost of composite bonding treatment in the UK

The cost of this dental treatment is not uniform across the practices. As far as the UK is concerned the cost of composite bonding of a single tooth usually ranges from £250 to £350. In fact the exact price of the treatment depends on a number of factors including the location of a dental practice and qualifications and experience of a dentist. However it is to be noted that the cost of composite bonding treatment is usually much reasonable compared to composite veneers, composite crowns, porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. The non invasive and reasonably priced treatment can indeed yield stunning results without damaging the natural enamel structure of the tooth.

Treatment aftercare

The composite material used in this procedure is actually a kind of resin and it requires little care and maintenance over time. Routine dental checkups and professional cleaning of the teeth are helpful extending the life of your composite bonded tooth to a large extent. Repeated repairing, polishing and re-layering of the composite material to the tooth are just a part and parcel of the procedure. It is important remember that unlike porcelain, composite material is more prone to pick up stains and become discoloured.  

However care and maintenance of composite bonded tooth are pretty easy, simple and free from hassles assures a dentist at 1A Orthodontics who provides composite bonding at reasonable cost in London over the years. Moreover, it is possible to whiten your composite bonded teeth easily. Whitening treatment provided to composite bonding will not result in changing its colour but it certainly proves helpful dissolving stains and makes your composite bonded tooth or teeth appear cleaner.

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