June 24, 2024
Rayavadee Krabi

Krabi is a beautiful place in Thailand having stunning beaches and plenty of activities to do. The prettiest beaches with white sands make it a more attractive tourist spot. There are many resorts in Krabi to stay at. All the resorts have amazing ambiance and provide plenty of facilities. They make your holidays more relaxing and allow you to enjoy more.

 All the resorts provide activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and water sports. Some of the resorts also provide clubs for kids and SPA centers to facilitate their guests. Some tourists like to spend their Holidays to Rayavadee Krabi. While some prefer to stay at Krabi Playa and Phi Phi Holiday Resort. In this blog, you can get information about these resorts and can choose any of your choices to stay.

Access to Rayavadee Krabi Resort

You can get access to this resort by boat only.  There is no other option to reach this resort. It is located in the National Marine Park in Krabi. Many people come and stay there every year.  It has beautiful beaches and there are two-story pavilion rooms over there.  This resort is surrounded by the natural beauty that attracts guests.

Arrival at Rayavadee Krabi

They welcome the guests with flowers and garlands and serve them with cold drinks.  A guest assistant takes care of the guests and tells the guest about the resort. They ask you about your booked activities and dinner menu. You can stay there if you want when you go on holidays to Rayavadee Krabi. You can call the guest assistant if you need any help.


The architecture of this resort is inspired by southern thailand villages. It is accessible by boat and is surrounded by beaches. This building has eye-catching views and is built between an emerald pool and a limestone cliff. The interior of this resort is adorned by woodwork and beautiful designs. Some pools have separate pools and gardens.

SPA centers

There are SPA centers that offer massage and other therapies to the guests. They offer you Thai massage and provide secluded pools to the guests. They offer such activities to their guest so they don’t get tired and can enjoy their holidays in a better way.

Meal options

They offer plenty of meal options to the guests. They offer Western dishes and fresh lobster. Guests can have their breakfast from 7 am to 10.30 am.  They provide guests with an opportunity to buffet where they can eat several dishes of their choice.

Krabi Playa

This is another resort in Krabi surrounded by gardens and has swimming pools. There are massage options available for the guests to relax.  This is near the bars, restaurants, and night markets. It is easily accessible to Ao Nang Beach and Nopparat Thara Beach. Many people like to stay at this resort on their arrival to Krabi. Holidays to Rayavadee Krabi are a good option to explore other resorts as well.

Phi Phi Holiday Resort

This phi phi holiday resort is surrounded by natural beauty and sits on the beachfront that borders the Andaman Sea. when you go on holidays to Rayavadee Krabi, you can also opt to stay on another beach.


This resort provides its guests with a scuba diving school, a family pool, and fitness rooms. There is a large balcony where guests can spend their time. The rooms of this resort are well furnished with a facility of television. This resort has bars and restaurants where guests can try national and international cuisine. Besides this, guests can also enjoy other Thai dishes. They also provide the facility of private couple dinners and guests can also take cooking classes over there.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, spending holidays to Rayavadee Krabi is a good option to stay if you want. Krabi is the hub of luxurious resorts and hotels. In Krabi, guests cannot get bored as there are plenty of things that resorts offer to their guests. All the resorts have different charges and different facilities. You can choose any resort of your choice in Krabi and enjoy your holidays.

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