July 17, 2024
Sainik Laminate

Functionality and aesthetics are the two key factors in creating a good interior design that reflects the people’s personal style in that space. However, deciding on the kind of material to renovate a space and the budget may seem daunting. But fear not—Sainik Laminates is here to save the day, offering a cost-effective solution to every homeowner’s design woes.

Unlike other laminate brands, Sainik laminates are considered the forerunners in the interior design industry due to their durability, longevity, aesthetics, and warranty. They are considered the perfect choice to upgrade a space’s beauty and strength at affordable rates and with a wide range of fine finishing and variety.  Therefore, this blog helps homeowners choose the right Sainik laminate based on their persona and preference to streamline the selection process. Dig in!

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Sainik Laminate

Here are some pointers to consider while choosing Sainik Laminates to help customers navigate through the wide range of endless collections!

1. Must be Functional

The higher the functionality rate in Sainik laminates, the more durable the product can withstand in the years to come. Therefore, consider the following factors before purchasing them;

  • Stain and Scratch-Resistant:For those seeking to invest in low-maintenance quality laminates so that the surface can get rid of stains easily without leaving scratch marks, the high-gloss Sainik laminates are the perfect option as they are stain and scratch-resistant. It can protect the laminated surface or furniture from trivial damage.
  • Impact Resistant:Worried about the impact of heavy items causing a crack on the laminate surface? Then, choose Sainink laminate sheets with a longer shelf life and extra durability.
  • Surface Tissue Technology: Want laminates that retain the original color for many years? Then, choose the right Sainik laminate with a color fastness feature incorporating this technology to keep the colors intact for many years.
  • Boiling Waterproof: Want to incorporate functional laminates in high-moisture-laden areas? Choose one with this technology, which has been proven to withstand 72 hours when exposed to boiling water.
  • Dry Heat Resistant: Worried about laminates getting damaged when exposed to heat and hot objects in the kitchen? Invest in Sainik laminate sheets with heat resistance technology to protect from surface damage.
  • Scuff and Abrasion Resistance: Stuck with inconsiderate and naughty kids at home? Then, invest in laminates that possess deep-layer technology, which has the capacity to withstand sudden cuts, consistent usage, and other regular trivial damages.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

The bold and beautiful laminates from CenturyPly’s Sainik collection are available in a wide range to cater to all needs and requirements. They have unique designs, deep textures, glossy to matte finishes, and vibrant color options. Additionally, there are numerous variations to choose from, including shimmer, hexawood, glitz, imperial oak, gloss, and matt. Choose one that enhances the overall appeal, even though aesthetics and functionality can either be a prime consideration or not.

3. Budget

Looking out to upgrade the renovation with some wooden work apart from laminates? Then don’t worry about the budget! All Sainik laminate products are priced in an affordable range to meet budget limits. However, the price ranges for different textures, patterns, and designs. Therefore, style with the endless options available without worrying about the budget.

4. Maintenance Levels

Most Sainik laminate sheets are easy to maintain, which makes them popular for investment. Amidst numerous external damages, they retain the original beauty without major considerations and minimal maintenance. Just dust the surface, deep clean with a damp cloth using mild soap or detergent mixed with water, and keep away from pest-infested, sharp, and extremely hot objects to retain the subtle beauty of the laminates.

5. Warranty

This is an important factor that can be beneficial to enjoy the functional and aesthetically- mixed Sainik laminates. Most of them come with a 7-year warranty period to prove the confidence of their longevity and quality.


Just like how the interior design reflects a person’s persona and style, choosing the right laminates must depend on the needs and requirements. Therefore, do follow these pointers to invest in the laminate designs you always desired!

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