June 24, 2024

Cherished for centuries as pinnacles of artistry and luxury, proper preservation of precious Persian rugs requires gently balancing preservation with practicality when accidents inevitably happen thanks to hectic modern lifestyles.

As London’s preeminent Persian carpet cleaning specialists, Vip Carpet Cleaning London guides clients in protecting their investments without compromising the carpets’ innate resilient beauty woven to endure generations. Follow these expert do’s and don’ts for keeping your palace worthy Persian carpets Looking resplendent longer.

Persian carpet

Treat Stains Gently

Persian carpets’ richly dyed wools and silks can be permanently damaged by clumsy DIY cleaning attempts using household products. Instead of risking expensive mistakes:

DO blot fresh stains immediately with mild, clear liquids and white cloths. DON’T rub vigorously in circles grinding in particles deeper.

DO lift loose solids gently with a dull knife before vacuuming. DON’T pull or brush aggressively ripping vulnerable fibers.

DO spray edge areas working gently towards middle to contain rather than spread stains. DON’T randomly oversaturate the entire carpet, which can bleed or fade dyes.

When in doubt, DO call Vip Carpet Cleaning London’s certified Persian rug experts to strategically rescue your carpet without causing additional harm, shrinkage or setting in stains irremovably with clumsy handling.

Clean Silk Carpets Delicately

Contrary to durably knotted wool carpets that establish Persian prestige, stunning silk carpets woven with metallic threads and gemstone accents require even greater care:

DO dust frequently with microfiber cloths to prevent airborne particles from embedding into fabric. DON’T rub abrasively allowing dirt to scratch intricate threads.

DO gently blot stains on silks promptly using distilled water and a soft sea sponge, followed by blot drying with white cotton towels. DON’T oversaturate silks or let moisture linger to avoid water marks.

DO lift food spills by dabbing edges working towards the middle to avoid spreading sugar or grease residue. DON’T use chemical cleaners that may bleach or otherwise damage rich gemstone and metallic dyes.

Vip Carpet Cleaning London artfully cleans the most exquisite and precious Persian silk carpets without risking running colors or unraveling irreplaceable threads knotted with semiprecious metals and rare dyes.

Prioritize Professional Deep Cleanings

Regular professional cleaning extracts years of deeply ground-in oils, dust, traffic soils and allergens home vacuuming simply can’t tackle on its own from plush Persian piles.

DO professionally deep clean wool and silk Persian carpets each year in lieu of replacing when they appear dingy. Our powerful hot water extraction lifts away over 80% of embedded soils revitalizing faded colors, intricate patterns and luxurious sheen.

DON’T wait until carpets look obviously dirty before booking professional cleanings. Delaying too long allows abrasive particles to permanently damage individual fibers slowly destroying the carpet long before its time.

Our certified London Persian rug experts define best practices balancing innovative cleaning technologies against preservation principles per rug type for professional care prolonging the life of your handmade heirloom decades longer.

Rely on Specialty Tools & Solutions

Contrary to wall-to-wall carpeting steam cleaned in one uniform process, the unique dye lots, textures, fiber blends, and ages of various patterned Persian rug blocks require a custom designed approach.

DO opt for rug cleaners using effective specialty solutions to loosen soils and eliminate odors without bleaches or harsh residues. Vip Carpet Cleaning London custom cleans each distinct Persian carpet section using the gentlest museum-approved ingredients suitable for every color and fiber.

DON’T allow anyone to clean your prized Persian carpet without proper specialty training, tools and techniques to prevent disastrous shrinkage, dye bleeding, warp damage or lost pile height from overwetting and clumsy handling.

Vip Carpet Cleaning London invests in the industry’s most advanced portable rug cleaning machinery along with proprietary stain fighting and fiber guard technologies for unrivaled revival results consumers simply can’t duplicate at home.

Preventative Do’s Between Professional Cleanings

Proper regular care helps Persian carpets resist stains and ground-in grit requiring less aggressive professional cleanings:

DO vacuum twice weekly with a high-powered vacuum on hardwood settings with wand attachments to avoid snags.

DO gently blot spills immediately then sprinkle corn starch to absorb moisture and lift residue before thorough vacuuming once fully dried.

DO rotate your rug’s orientation and shake small rugs outdoors every three months preventing uneven fading and crushing of fibers where furniture stays put.

DO display your heirloom Persian carpet artfully as a cherished focal point instead of camouflaging under furniture preventing appreciation of the artisans’ fine workmanship.

When it comes to properly preserving your priceless Persian carpet heirloom, DON’T take chances with amateur DIY advice or generic carpet cleaning services. As London’s most trusted persian carpet cleaningspecialists in London certified in safely restoring the world’s finest handmade rugs, rely on Vip Carpet Cleaning London.

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