June 24, 2024

Tyres are a crucial part of your vehicle and there is no way to deny this fact. The tyres play a vital responsibility in handling and stopping power of any vehicle. Moreover it is the tyres of your car that keep you safe on the road. If you want to secure the most out of your tyres and bolster your safety while driving on the road you must take proper care of the tyres. Here are a few tried and tested tips on taking proper care of your tyres to extend their life.

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Inspect the tyres at regular intervals

The first step you can say in taking proper care for your tyres starts with inspecting the tyres regularly. This effort carried out at regular intervals helps keep tyres in healthy condition for longer periods of time. Your inspection must include noticing any signs of damage or wear and tear like cuts, bulges and cracks, etc. in the sidewalls. Make sure to have any damage fixed as soon as possible if you find any.

Make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct air pressure

Your tyres must be properly inflated to the correct air pressure almost most of the times. When tyres are underinflated, you have to encounter several problems like much higher fuel consumption and obviously reduced tyre life. Make it a habit to check the pressure in the tyres regularly and have the tyres inflated whenever you see the pressure has dropped from the ideal benchmark suggests a skilled mechanic who provides the service of mobile tyre fitting in Ealing over the years.

Avoid overloading your vehicle

When you allow your vehicle to be overloaded it exposes the tyres to undue stress. As a result of this stress the tyres wear out much faster. Overloading also leads to issues related to handling and braking of any vehicle. Know your vehicle’s maximum payload and make sure never to exceed that.

It is important to rotate the tyres at regular intervals

If you want to take good care of your vehicle’s tyres then you must develop the habit of rotating those at regular intervals. When you rotate the mobile tyres it helps their even wearing and thus the life of the tyres gets extended. Usually the majority of tyre manufacturers recommend rotating tyres every 10,000 to 12,000 km.

Do not drive at breakneck speeds

It is always safer not to drive at excessive speeds; it is also better for your tyres when you avoid driving at high speeds. When you drive your vehicle at high speeds it exposes your tyres to a lot of undue stress and as a result the mobile tyres wear out much faster than you can imagine. Always drive within permissible speed limits to avoid fast wear and tear of tyres. It is also important to avoid sudden acceleration or braking for the same purpose.

While driving on rough roads you must be little more careful

Trained and experienced mechanics who deal with tyres in Ealing suggest you must be little more careful while driving on rough roads. Rough roads invariably damage tyres to a large extent and so you must be little more careful while driving on them, explain the experts. It is also important to avoid potholes and any other obstacle on the road as much as you can. Be careful to avoid hitting the curb while turning your vehicle.

Always park your car in a secure location.

Whenever you are parking your car, make sure to park it in a safe place so that the tyres will not be under stress or exposed to any kind of risk. It is better not to park a vehicle on soft surfaces like sand or grass. The tyres may sink in and get damaged when you park your vehicle on a soft surface.

Always store tyres properly

When you are not going to use your tyres for some time, say because of a change in season, it is important to store those properly. You should always store tyres in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight. It is even better, suggest expert mechanics, to while storing tyres you should place those on jack stands. This prevents mobile tyres from forming flat spots in course of time.

Make sure to check the alignment of the wheel

If you notice the tyres are wearing out unevenly then a possible reason could be the wheel alignment has gone missing. It is important to check the alignment of the wheel from time to time and if required then you may also have to get it fixed by a mechanic.

Get the tyres regularly serviced

According to experts who deal with mobile tyre fitting and repairing in Ealing, tyres must be serviced at regular intervals. This helps keeping those in sound health and condition. What exactly is meant by tyre servicing? The service includes having the tyres inspected, rotated and properly inflated as and when required. In addition to that it is also important to check the tread depth at short and regular intervals.

The tips discussed above prove helpful maintaining tyres in good condition and also extend their life. In order to avoid any further damage you must address an issues immediately as soon as you discover it suggest the experts.

How long a tyre remains worthy of service

This is another crucial topic related to proper care and maintenance of tyres. Interestingly, automobile manufacturers, mobile tyre manufacturers and even those who manufacture rubber nurture different opinions about how long a tyre remains roadworthy. For example automobile manufacturers explain irrespective of tread depth or tread life a tyre must be replaced six years from its date of manufacturing. Tyre manufacturers – on the other hand – opine on an average a mobile tyre has an average life of ten years. However in order to make a tyre last that long annual inspections are necessary from the sixth year itself they add.

Mechanics who deal with 24hr mobile tyre fitting and repairover the years suggest if you can avoid your tyres from excessive exposure to heat, sunlight and coastal climate then those are supposedly going to last longer. Proper storage of tyres during the months when you are not using those also plays a role here.

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