June 24, 2024
HGV Driver

HGV drivers are professionals in the transportation sector who move resources and goods between destinations. Any truck, lorry, or articulated vehicle weighing more than 3,500 kg is considered an HGV. It is a need of their job for HGV drivers to travel large distances, either locally or regionally.

You may have to spend days, weeks, or even months apart from your family in order to accomplish this. You might need to drive at different times of the day depending on your tastes and job schedule. 

Skills Required for HGV Drivers

Driving Skills

You may develop your driving skills by fusing technical driving ability with knowledge of traffic laws and signs. It might benefit you and the business to drive a car with both an automatic and manual gearbox.

Mechanical Knowledge

When it comes time to perform safety inspections and vehicle inspections, this might be useful. Understanding basic equipment maintenance and repair will help you deal with minor mechanical issues that may arise while driving.


When driving, having effective communication skills can enable you to build stronger bonds with dispatchers and clients. This may entail providing location and arrival time updates. 

Time Management

You can prevent delays and finish your duties on time if you have good time management skills. To fulfil the deadlines, this may entail planning your driving time and striking a balance between pauses and rest periods.


When exploring new routes, having the ability to read maps and make use of a global positioning system can help you stay on course and avoid getting lost. By avoiding the delays that result from becoming lost, you can save time.

Why HGV Driver Training in Gloucestershire

Developing your heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driving abilities is an investment in your future that will increase your employability throughout Europe, not only in the UK. Your CV will stand out if you can handle a big car well, either on your own or through haulage services. HGV training in Gloucestershire, therefore is available.

CPC Training in Gloucestershire

In order to drive professionally after passing your practical exam and getting the licence required to legally operate an HGV, you might need to take the Driver CPC test and receive training in Gloucestershire if it isn’t already on your licence.

A driver must meet a set of requirements known as the Certificate of Professional Competence, or CPC, in order to operate certain kinds of vehicles professionally. After that, in order to maintain your roadworthiness, you must complete a 35-hour refresher course every five years.

Some Essential Licence Categories of HGV Driver Training

Because of the weight of the trucks, each truck driver’s permission is different. The weight and maximum additional weight that various cars may tow while towing a caravan account for the majority of the variances between licensing categories.

Cat C

Once you have your Cat C licence, you are able to drive heavier cars that weigh more than 3,500 kg and tow trailers that weigh up to 750 kg.

Cat C1

A Cat C1 vehicle, which weighs between 3,500 and 7,500 kg and can pull a trailer weighing up to 750 kg, is the smallest vehicle type used for hauling. Cornwall is now providing CAT C1 training at exceptionally low prices.

Cat C1+E

You can only drive a car between 3,500 and 7,500 kg with a Cat C1+E licence if you are towing a caravan that weighs more than 750 kg.

Cat C+E

Even though the truck weighs more than 3,500 kg on its own, if you have a trailer that can hold more than 750 kg, you can run the largest class of HGV vehicle permitted under a Cat C+E licence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Get an HGV Licence in the UK?

The entire application and licensing process will take eight to ten weeks, even though the actual HGV training (practical) only takes five days. This introductory guide was produced by HGV Training to provide you a clear understanding of the steps involved in entering the HGV sector.

Is it Worth Getting an HGV Licence UK?

You will have access to global job options if you obtain an HGV licence. International recognition of UK HGV licence criteria exists, and numerous nations actively recruit UK HGV drivers. In the end, these relocation packages may result in citizenship and permanent residence abroad.

Is it Easy to Become a Truck Driver in the UK?

In order to operate a bus, coach, or heavy goods vehicle (HGV), you must: possess a valid driver’s licence. Be older than eighteen, yet there are several exclusions. Obtain the professional driving certificate known as the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

How to Get an HGV Licence for Free in the UK?

HGV Training’s Skills Bootcamp is a free training course. This course is designed for those who are new to operating heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and wish to obtain an HGV Class 2 licence, also referred to as an HGV Cat C licence, in order to work as HGV drivers.

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