June 24, 2024

A toothache or dental emergency strikes when least expected, turning the simplest activities like eating, talking and even breathing into painful affairs. Unfortunately, late nights or weekends limit accessing professional emergency dental care immediately.

This is where quick home remedies bring relief as you await your next-day appointment with London’s esteemed emergency dentist team from the renowned Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic. Their experts share 9 minimal invasive, readily available remedies that temporarily alleviate discomfort until expert examination and corrective care.

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Remedy #1: Saltwater Rinse

Washing the mouth with warm salt water draws out trapped food debris and calms inflamed nerves or gums causing a toothache. Just whisk in a half-teaspoon of salt with some warm water. Thousand Smiles, the trusted emergency dental clinic London residents prefer recommends a gentle but thorough 30-second swish before spitting it out comfortably.

Remedy #2: Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

Common OTC medications like Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and mild opioid drugs approved for dental pain relief can temporarily reduce toothache explains London’s highly qualified emergency dentist team. Strictly adhere to dosage instructions and timelines printed on the label.

Remedy #3: Cold Compress Outside Mouth

Applying an icepack wrapped in cloth gently on the cheek skin adjacent to the aching tooth provides exterior numbness and reduces nerve inflammation. London’s best emergency dentist team suggests repeating every hour for short durations if the ache persists through the night. Warning – Don’t apply ice directly on teeth/gums.

Remedy #4: Temporary Filling Material

For tooth pain originating from a crack, big crevice, or opening drilled for commencement of root procedures, the emergency dentist in London recommends safely sealing the spot temporarily with appropriate dental fill material easily available in pharmacies. However, don’t attempt anything inside the tooth without professional guidance.

Remedy #5: Clove Oil

Natural clove oil preparation applied topically has anesthetic properties confirms London emergency dental clinic. Soak a cotton ball in clove oil (or crushed clove bud paste) before gently dabbing it on the painful tooth and surrounding gums twice a day until you can reach the dentist.

Remedy #6: Peppermint Tea Bag

Sipping a hot cup of soothing peppermint tea bags can temporarily numb toothache. For enhanced benefit, the emergency dental clinic London dentists also suggest gently biting down on a peppermint tea bag. The natural mint oils seep into the affected space inside your mouth alleviating pain receptors.

Remedy #7: Swish with Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Mouthwashes with antibacterial and mild numbing action can provide temporary relief for up to an hour though not advisable as permanent substitution for needed dental treatment, clarifies London’s highly-rated emergency dental care unit Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic. Don’t consume alcohol-based variants while awaiting professional care.

Remedy #8: DIY cold/warm Food Mash

Make a smooth mash of cold mashed potatoes or warm, well-cooked finely minced vegetables advises Thousand Smiles emergency dentist in London. Placing this non-spicy bland food mash gently on and around the problematic tooth acts as a soothing temporary filler easing the ache.

Remedy #9: Pain-Relief Ointment

For swollen gums, non-gel toothache ointments with mild anesthetic properties might bring temporary relief until an expert Root cause examination by an emergency dentist. Follow packaged dosage guidelines warns the reputed clinic network. Seek prompt advice if swelling or bleeding intensifies.

Remedy #10: Guava Leaves

Chew on fresh guava leaves or make a paste to apply if the ache is restricted to one tooth, suggests London’s top emergency dental care clinic. Compounds present have pain-relieving properties apart from being antimicrobial. Best substituted soon as reversible measures to save the troubled tooth.

Remedy #11: OTC Tooth Sealer

The emergency dentist in London permits the usage of single-use sealants easily available in pharmacies as temporary shielding options for holes or cracks until a clinic visit. Carefully follow package instructions on amounts and self-application methods around affected tooth sides and top chewing surfaces for pain relief.

Remedy #12: HEPA Salt with Turmeric

For swelling and inflammation accompanied by infection onset, London’s premier dental care clinics recommend using special Himalayan crystal salt with organic turmeric powder. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties rapidly soothe localized increased sensitivity as a short-term intervention only.

Remedy #13: Avoid Temperature Extremes

Emergency dentists advise avoiding intake of extremely hot or cold foods and drinks while waiting for an urgent dental appointment. Thermal shocks serve as added irritation on already inflamed nerves and pulp exacerbating aches significantly, even if temporarily soothing otherwise around the affected tooth.

In Conclusion, while the above home remedies temporarily alleviate severe tooth pain or sensitivity from fractured teeth, cavities etc. they cannot substitute assessment and curative treatments from certified dentists at well-equipped emergency dental clinics London wide like Thousand Smiles Dental. Seeking an urgent next-day appointment remains imperative!

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