June 24, 2024
TV Wall

What is a family’s favourite hangout spot in the house? Without second thoughts is the room where you have the television installed. Whether you are trying to cheer on your favourite soccer team or enjoy watching the much-loved TV show, it is all about enjoying the quirky fun with your friends and family. So, what would you do to elevate your TV wall?

If it’s already time to remodel your house, look for ideas for home renovations in Kelowna. You will then come across an amalgamation of ideas to make your TV wall attractive. So, here are a few stunning ideas to use as the backdrop for the television wall.

Create a brick wall

The rustic look has always been in style and nothing can fade its glory. So, go ahead and create an exposed brick wall and revamp it with a colour of your choice. For family homes, an excellent idea would be to stick to a brick red colour for the wall and paint the rest of the area in a neutral shade. You surely will give the wall a premium look to your TV wall during Kelowna home renovations.

Adding stonework on the wall

Ever wondered how stone work on the TV wall will look if you already have say beige-coloured wall-mounted shelves? It is indeed one of the best chances to get close to nature. Add to it some green foliage and it is going to stand out from the rest.

Create a photo wall

The living room is where the entire family gathers for fun and entertainment. So, why don’t you create an opportunity to reminisce about the good old days with a photo wall? It is like adding colour pops and dimension to the wall. Wondering if your television will become less noticeable? Just remember to stick to medium-sized photographs, prints, or posters and it will work as a great and budget-friendly solution to change the television wall. Why don’t you sneak into a couple of new homes in Kelowna to weave a better idea? At Align West Homes, our expertise spans several renovation projects. So, trust us for ways to make the TV wall look attractive.

Keep it simple with contrasting shades

Are you in no mood for a big change when redecorating the television wall? You will still have the extra mile to wow your guests. Just pick one dominating shade like black or grey and maintain a similar contrast throughout the room. You can also build a small cabinet below the television and add a dramatic effect. Using contrasting shades on the TV wall is the nicest way to create an entertainment zone, especially if the room is compact. Remodelling a TV wall requires the same amount of effort you experience during kitchen renovations in Kelowna. So, don’t miss the smallest details to achieve a higher level of perfection.

Use a wooden backdrop

A wooden backdrop can upscale different spaces and the television wall is no exception. You just have to be creative when using different colours. If your pocket is heavy, go for hardwood but if it isn’t, you can always pick laminates. The best part of using a wooden backdrop is the appeal it carries. So, you shouldn’t step back even if it means adding wooden panels. Add a pop of textured paint on the wooden backdrop to add an extra edge. While you assimilate your remodelling options, consulting with renovation companies in Kelowna reveals the many faces of TV wall decoration. The more are the ideas the better it is for you to add zeal to the TV wall.

Create bookshelves on the top

For book lovers who want a dose of good reads along with their favourite television shows, a series of bookshelves on the top works great. You can segment the bookshelves depending on your collections. The idea is also useful for homes where cramped spaces make it tough to store books. If reading a book is one of those must-have activities you enjoy, this TV wall decoration technique will provide a glimpse of your personality.

Create a mixed bag

Well, you have had enough of those single decoration options. So, turn to a mix of different designs to make your TV wall look dapper. Go for abstract or geometrical built-in spaces and use contrasting wallpaper. Alternatively, add some spotlights on those built-in spaces that synchronize with your design ideas.

One of the biggest headaches for homeowners is choosing the right wall for installing television. But consulting an expert makes you well-informs about choosing the best wall for the TV unit and decoration ideas that you can drool over. So, go ahead and maximise the space right now!

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