July 17, 2024

Veneer sheets are popular among homeowners seeking to add a natural touch to their homes. This is because they are versatile, durable, and aesthetically appealing on any surface, from furniture to cabinets and everything in between. Moreover, each veneer has unique, captivating charm and alluring grain patterns, which homeowners can mix, match, and repeat to create stunning designs. Simultaneously, just as any precious object at home requires maintenance to keep its beauty, veneers require care and maintenance to retain their woody elegance for many years. For homeowners who have installed veneers in their interior decor, seize this blog from CenturyPly to enhance the grain and texture of the decorative veneers. Start maintaining it now rather than losing its beauty forever!

The 6 Pointers to Retain the Grain and Texture of Decorative Veneers

Worried about suffering from repeated replacements and snags on decorative veneers? Then follow these low-maintenance tips to save time and money;

1. Dust It Regularly

Diligent cleaning every day after the veneer is polished is the best way to increase the lifespan of the veneer sheets. Dust the surface for minor dirt accumulation. On the other hand, if there are major stains, it’s best to wipe them with a soft and damp lint-free cloth as and when the veneers are stained to lower the tarnishing of the beautiful veneer surface.

2. Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

Sunlight and moisture are two great factors that impact and deteriorate the longevity of the veneer sheets. Since veneers are retrieved from natural wooden logs, these factors damage the surface, tarnishing the finish. Moreover, if the veneer sheets are bought before the installation work starts, ensure they are covered properly on all four sides to avoid unnecessary damage.

3. Seek Professional Help

Solving alone is not the ultimate solution to keeping the veneers durable long. However, in reality, a DIY method can only result in more damage to the veneer, which can ruin the finish. That’s why if any stubborn stains or cracks are found on the veneer surface, it’s best to get professional help to suitably replace and repair the veneer and restore it to its natural fashion without complicating the damage.

4. Avoid Unintentional Damages

Apart from avoiding damage from sunlight, veneers need extra care and protection when used inside the house. If they are used on surfaces where heat and water are highly exposed, have coasters or mats with glasses or cups to avoid heat and water damage. This can avoid heat damage and stop the wood from bubbling or warping. Also, ensure to wipe off the surface immediately after any spill to minimize moisture damage. Moreover, while writing on the veneer surface, keep a writing pad or fabric desk pad below to ensure protection of the veneer surface from scratches. If they are used on furniture, installing a furniture pad is the best solution to protect the veneer from scratches or dents.

5. Remove Stubborn Stains

The best part of using veneer sheets is that they don’t get stained by regular food products like tea, coffee, and red wine. However, one must note that its veneers are not completely stain-proof. Therefore, if stains are found on the veneer surface, don’t directly use scrubs or abrasive cleaning agents. Instead, use a mild cleanser or stain-removing polish and wipe off the stain with a soft sponge.

6. Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

No two veneer finishes are the same. Therefore, make sure to go through the maintenance guide provided by the manufacturer to avoid damaging the veneer surfaces. For instance, while cleaning grain or textured veneers, it’s highly recommended to glide the cloth in the direction of the design pattern on the veneer sheet. This helps to keep the finish intact for a long time. If not followed carefully, if the owner cleans in abrupt patterns, it can destroy the veneer finfish and can retard the beauty, thereby damaging the entire look of the interiors.


Veneer sheets are the best for creating a residential space that looks and feels close to nature. They add a touch of warm sophistication to any interior design. Choosing the right type of veneer for a particular space and maintaining it is highly important to enjoy encapsulated beauty and durability for many years. Try out CenturyVeneers, a top brand among many veneer manufacturers, for all residential designing needs. With a wide range of veneer collections suitable for installation in all spaces, homeowners can now redesign existing decors into rich, elegant, and statement pieces using Century Veneers. Hurry to strike a deal now!

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