June 24, 2024


Toothache is one of the most excruciating pain a person can’t tolerate for too long. The urge to extract the tooth because of toothache due to the increase in the intensity of toothache is what comes into the person’s mind. Fever and chills can also occur due to toothache and swelling. If you’re wondering how long toothache lasts, read this blog until the end. 


How Long Does Toothache Swelling Last?

There’s no confirmation of how long toothache swelling can last. No one can decide the time duration of toothache swelling. If it’s a temporary ache, then swelling can go away on its own. However, if the swelling is due to tooth and gum disease, you need medical assistance to resolve this swelling condition that has ruined your pretty face.     

Why Does Swelling Occur?

Swelling can be seen on your face if there’s an oral health problem. It’s a puffiness that can be seen on your face due to different causes. So, why does this swelling occur? There are certain reasons behind this.


The intense gum ache can be the reason behind the swelling. The colour of the gum changes from pinkish to red. In severe cases, it can be dark red. It’s good to treat the swelling as soon as possible.


Some toothache can cause swelling because the pain reaches from tooth to gum. It is irritating because a person with swelling struggles to eat solid food.   

Fizzy Drinks and Spicy Food

Some people are not used to drinking fizzy drinks and eating spicy foods. The slight change in their diet can affect their oral health, resulting in facial swelling due to gums or teeth pain.    

Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is an infection that can worsen the pain and harm your oral cavity. In this condition, a liquid pus is formed inside the tooth, causing swelling and pain. If the infection is serious, it can damage your tooth.

Damaged Filling

The damaged tooth filling can give you a throbbing pain along with swelling. Visit your dentist to refill the filling so you won’t feel further pain.

Bacterial Infection 

Sometimes, bacteria reside in your tooth, and you get a bacterial tooth infection. Due to the bacterial infection, swelling of the face is prominent on your face, giving a hint that there’s a problem with your oral health. 

Which one is Better for Swelling: Heat or Ice?

The ice or cold compress is helpful in reducing the swelling. On the other hand, heat packs can worsen the swelling because warm packs can increase the blood flow, which, as a result, increases the pain and swelling. 

Using a cold compress against your face is an organic method to treat swelling due to toothache or gumache. 

Over-the-Counter Remedies

If you’re thinking of the numbness after using a cold compress against your swollen cheeks, and you don’t want this numbness, then you can use some over-the-counter remedies to cure swelling. You can consult your dentist Geelong for the prescription of some medicines to reduce swelling.

Otherwise, you can use mouthwash if the swelling is temporary. It will help in preventing the swelling.   

When to Seek a Dentist?

If the swelling is not worse, then you can treat your swelling using home remedies. However, the news is bad if the toothache swelling takes too long to leave your face! You must schedule a dentist appointment right now. The dental expert can find the root cause of this long-lasting swelling and help you with the treatment.    


Toothache swelling has no time duration. Seeking treatment as soon as feasible is preferable. It would be best to take care of yourself because pain can ruin your health, even mild or throbbing. So, do visit your dentist. Stay happy and smile big!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  
Is cold compress good for children?

There’s no harm in using a cold compress because it’s an organic method to reduce toothache swelling. It’s suitable for children.

Can analgesics help in reducing the pain?

Analgesics are painkillers used to prevent pain. They are of no use when it comes to reducing swelling. They are not anti-inflammatory medicines. 

How many times can I apply a cold compress against my swollen cheek?

It’s up to you how comfortable you feel doing the cold compress. The cold compress has no limitations. You can apply until your swelling goes away. 

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