June 24, 2024
Chronic Conditions

When we talk about hospitals, the first thing comes to mind is cure and satisfaction. Moreover, hospitals are places where not only doctors deal with the symptoms but also understand and manage chronic conditions, just like the best hospital in Multan.

Patients and Doctors should have easy talk about how to take precautions for better recovery. When I was in the hospital which was the best hospital in Pakistan I saw the intricacies of health care from both personal and professional lenses. Thus on the basis of my personal experience in hospital  I can assure you that the journey to wellness involves more than just experts or a single treatment plan.

In order to rapidly recover and care in a hospital in a hurry, there should be a collective effort that spans various specialities. 

The Complexity of Chronic Conditions

As when we are mentally disturbed we have effects on our whole body. Same when we are ill and have serious chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and arthritis, these are not just medical issues.

We will see within no time these chronic conditions have the worst effect on every aspect of a person’s life.  In these conditions what are we required? The answer is we require care and attention with treatment. 

Family and doctors should pay extra attention when the patient is going from complexities of chronic conditions.

Understanding Multidisciplinary Teams

As in every field of professionals, teamwork results and individual one person results are different. In hospitals multidisciplinary teams are a group of health care professionals from different specialties working for the patient’s well being. 

I have seen in mash hospital multan this team included doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians, dietitians, social workers, and mental health professionals. Each member comes with its expertise on table then they create a health care strategy for the care and treatment of patients. 

Benefits of Multidisciplinary Teams

Now let’s talk about the benefits of multidisciplinary teams. As we have discussed above this team and its role for the treatment of patients. Now discuss its benefits for the healthcare field. 

The first thing that comes to my mind is holistic care patients receive under the supervision of these teams. Multidisciplinary professionals not only work on the treatment of your cure but also work for the mind relaxation and whole care. 

Secondly, multidisciplinary team plans are more effective for the treatment journey of any patient. When you are old and have serious chronic disease then we need to care more than treatment for their internal relaxations. 

Multidisciplinary team work results include reduced hospital admissions and improved quality  of life. It means these teams improve patient outcomes

How We Make it Work

Studies show the positive results of multidisciplinary teams for the treatment and care of patients. Thus, in the best hospitals in Pakistan, these teams of professionals should be encouraged. 

Let’s go through the points on how we ensure that every patient gets the best possible care in hospitals. 

As a part of a multidisciplinary team we hold regular meetings. In these meetups we come up with our expertise and patient progress. Which helps us to make treatment plans for every patient separately. 

Our interaction with the patients is always important for their healthcare. We visit every patient’s bed and do some chatting to take a deep analysis of every patient’s care. We then gather information about whether they are getting the best care or not.

In the modern era of technology, it has become every field filled up with the technology to assist professionals. Thus, multidisciplinary teams also use technology to communicate among members, keep detailed records and monitor patients progress in real time. 

Real-Life Impact

Last month, a patient named Mr Abdullah came to our hospital. We were diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. He was overwhelmed by the multitude of medications. 

Thus, we made a strategy treatment plan for him. We integrated a multidisciplinary care model on him. We assigned him a primary care physician,a dietitian, and a physiotherapist. 

In this way our personalized plan helped him to manage his conditions effectively. Today, his blood sugar levels are stable. 

Final Thoughts

In chronic conditions we need a holistic and coordinated approach. For this purpose we should contact a multidisciplinary team. By embracing their care model, patients will have better health outcomes.

Every patient needs care for rapid recovery. Sometimes medicines do not work but your care has a wonderful impact on the cure of patients. That’s why we should visit multidisciplinary teams whenever we visit hospitals like the best hospitals in Multan.

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